Strategies that elevate resiliency and wellbeing.

resiliency allows for the innovative thinking and problem solving that builds capacity and inspires to move from doing more with less to doing what’s relevant | giving balance and calm.

resiliency creates the confidence to design conversations that create and conserve authentic connection rather than diminish people as we discard facing problems | giving clarity and peace.

resiliency provides healthy pathways to engage in trusting conversations and meaningful work
| giving purpose that transforms.

Start a conversation that fuels resiliency, relevancy, and relationship!

"This was the best self-help workshop I've ever attended. Practical solutions were given on how to frame thoughts differently. Not the same old tired clichés were given, but practical and real solutions and tools to move forward, with improvements for self and understanding working relationships with others. Thank you for this training! It was excellent and it offered real solutions!" - higher education professional

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"I have worked with Sandy both professionally and personally and have walked away from each encounter with a deeper understanding in my work, clearer direction for the future, and an inner sense of calm. Her workshops helped move my team forward in our work together, and her energy and positivity gave me a strong model for the kind of leader I strive to be."

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Need a no-cost strategy that strengthens your organization's culture by design, not default?

In order to do the living and leading - the daily decision making - with greater relevancy, we need to create crucial conversations that build capacity and connection. Sometimes we need to have conversations that are uncomfortable, difficult, or even painful.

Creating both a safe and brave space where authentic strategies and strengths can be leveraged to guide and guard the table is essential to growth and innovation.

Discover how The Table Principles tm can be the anchor point to build your team and dig in to the work inspired - the kind of work that creates sustainable solutions, diminishing the problem...not the very people we need.

Tend to the tables you influence. Your next conversation just might be the catalyst to elevating relevancy, resiliency, and relationship in how you live, lead, and love!

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"Honestly, the entire training was super useful, and I was wishing we had more time to discuss or explore certain concepts. I particularly liked the Ten Principles and elaboration on trust. Super helpful to be able to think more directly about concepts that seem intangible at times." - mental health professional