Welcome to my Table!

I am driven to create pathways for organizations and individuals to stop doing more with less and start living and leading with resiliency and relevancy! I help you move from exhausted to inspired. With degrees in Community Health and Organizational Leadership, my professional and personal experiences along with extensive training in Appreciative Inquiry and Clifton Strengths™ offer a unique ability to "set a table" where clients from all walks of life engage and discover not only what could be, but how to get there.

Clients state that my authentic and practical approaches foster the transparency needed for sustainable transformation, whether it's an organizational leader, team, solopreneur, or an individual desiring to lead, live, and love with greater relevancy and, yes, joy!

I merge research-based strategies, a resilience-building attitude, empathy, the necessary push-and-pull to keep progress moving forward, and even humor to help you catch a breath when facing challenges.

I'm all about pioneering with my clients to emerge a vison for what can be and digging in to implement strategies to see the vision realized!


Create environments for clients to explore potential, emerge vision and engage strategies to live, lead and love with greater resiliency and intention!

Engaging & Equipping Clients with My Top Strengths

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Incredible guidance and grace.

The Story of an Edge Walker…

My consulting and coaching is enhanced with practical strategies and assessments that allow clients to discover more about their strengths and resources to do life with greater relevancy. The academic pieces were important to equip me professionally for the services I offer clients.

Then there's the day-to-day living; you know, the real stuff like raising four kids with my husband Kevin over the past 34 years that has offered me the gift of developing skills and intuition when working with organizations, families, and individuals to foster resiliency. The steps [and missteps equally] have provided necessary lessons to better create environments where critical conversations and innovative solutions can surface.

Being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in January 2016 offered an external opportunity to live out and leverage my strengths. The journey of re-framing and naming relevancy surrounding the experiences I faced urged me to lean even more into my faith in Christ. The support of those I'm in relationship with, at home and work, as well as many I will never know, offered me the ability to tend to my table when I felt the most vulnerable. The unique journey I was given fuels my work even more intensely.

The opportunity you and I have to influence environments is real. At those tables we sit at: our families, workplace, communities - we get to choose how we influence. We impact the spaces we walk into regardless of our intent to do so. Together we can create spaces for people to work in that impact and inspire them to live with greater intention and joy. That is an investment for the greater good for generations to come!

Ready to Edge Walk for the Greater Good?