Weaving a Life

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Thank you for all of the prayers, kind words and support in the past couple of weeks. I wanted to share a sweet glimpse into one of many ways God’s grace showed up for my MIL and us.

Sneaking snuggles with our newest grandchild seemed most appropriate on the day that we celebrated my mother-in-law’s life. A woman who ushered into the world many a baby during her nursing career.

My mother-in-law entered hospice a few weeks back. As I visited with one of the nurses caring for her we started to make some connections.

The connection was far more profound than either of us expected.

It clicked for her that my mother-in-law delivered her first baby some 30 years ago as the doctor didn’t make it in time. She recalled her calm and assuring voice at a time when her body felt completely out of control.

We don’t always remember words spoken to us or over us, especially during stressful events like a labor…like grieving, but we remember how we felt and the lasting influence follows us.

The beauty of my mother-in-law guiding this nurse years ago as she labored with her first born, delivering the sweet bundle into her arms and now this nurse being a part of supporting my mother-in-law as she labored in the process of dying into a new birth, a new body, was a script only God could pen.

The words spoken to us and over us when things felt out of our control were calm and assuring. I don’t remember her words. I felt their influence.

The weaving and knitting of lives is a profound and providential way God gently reminds us that He sees us and we matter.

He’s at work designing what may seem like the mundane details of our story…yet He is able to turn moments that made up a day thirty years ago and weave it into a tiny miracle of mercy.

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