Self Assessment: Is your impact growing good stuff?

Self assessment professional development coach Austin, MN
Impact. Can be subtle or obvious.
It can unexpectedly change us, our circumstances, plans, dreams, direction, perspective and perception.
Impact. Can be for good or harm. Rarely neutral.
Our words, that make up sentences, that create conversations, that build your family, work and community culture impact for good or harm.
We GET TO impact by design not merely by default. Default impact shows up like a #Subaru Legacy that met up with a significant sized deer on the interstate unplanned, reactive, loss of control and damaged.
Design your impact today. Every day. Set your intention on how you will impact conversations #inperson #text #email #socialmedia. Design your #recovery when impact has left others wounded or confused.
Our words impact.
Our words create conversations.
Our words create cultures.
The cultures we live and work in impact human wellbeing [our own and far beyond].
We get to impact in subtle and obvious ways. Make your impact the kind that leaves the tables you influence better because you were there.
If you are ready to design with intention how do you show up in your relationships at home or work let’s explore how a coaching conversation might impact the #legacy you leave!

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