Depleting or Elevating: a conversation assessment

Professional development conversation assessment Austin, MN
This picture♥️. It shows the man I’ve loved for over 36 years🥰creating and inviting conversation with two young boys that we both love fiercely♥️
Every conversation we have either offers energy or depletes.


Rarely do our conversations have neutral impact.
We will deplete. The question is will we seek to replenish what we depleted?
This has been true in our marriage: 2 people who stumble over words but have 👉practiced and prayed 👈 hard to stumble together till we can stand. Knowing our knees will inevitably get skinned again because we are #trulyhuman.
We have learned that capacity-building conversations can create clarity and connection in our parenting, marriage and work. We continue to practice and pursue…people not perfection.
has specific and simple strategies, aka conversation tools, that can have lasting impact…impact that builds capacity and invites others into being.
We can change the trajectory of work, family, marriage, church, communities and countries with ONE conversation. Let’s create capacity-building conversations even when, especially when, we disagree. We’re all feeling a bit tired and weary😞 these days. Be relentlessly kind for we know not the stories held in the private spaces of others.
Here’s one tiny #nextrightstep👉give more intention and attention to the daily conversations you have.

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