Mercies Before I Needed Them

Professional development coach and consultant Austin, MN

These kids had no idea what was around the corner. Enjoying a dinner after a last minute decision to grab an outdoor Matt Kearney concert in Milwaukee only to have our worlds turned upside down 7 months later with my cancer diagnosis.

Tonight, 5 plus years later, we have the opportunity to revisit this restaurant in the 3rd District with a lot of gratitude over what has happened over the last six years.

A lot of living.

It’s not about worrying or being anxious over what might be ahead but it’s the confirmation that God’s grace is sufficient to help us define what we’ve experienced and also to equip us for what’s to come…all the joy and even the sorrow.

His tender mercies never end. We have seen and tasted how great His faithfulness is in the unknown.

It’s not random. It’s not left to aligning of stars. It’s about a design that we couldn’t even imagine creating nor would we because if you’re anything like me we would be compelled to leave out the very things that transform how we do life and how fiercely we love.

The next five? Unknown, my sweetheart, but not by the One who designed us.

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