Leaving Perfection Behind

leaving perfection professional development trainer and coach Austin, MN
I don’t know if you need this nudge, but I know I sure do almost on a daily basis! Leaving perfection behind means giving myself space to be curious and yes, likely inviting a bit of chaos in how I live, love, and lead.
What is stirring in your heart…to contribute to, to take kind action with, or to create, that will require you to leave perfection behind? What is God creating around you, gently inviting you to join Him in the work?
What might we be hiding behind that is cheating those around us, directly or indirectly, from experiencing the gift of who we are?

Thanks, Stephanie Page, for inspiring this thought for me through #StoriesFoundation

I’m going to leave perfection behind.
And I will do it imperfectly.
Are you ready to kick it to the curb so you can move towards your next brave thing?

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