reConsider what you reCreate

Sandy Anderson professional development coaching and consulting Austin, MN

You don’t have to re-create your pre-pandemic calendar.

You don’t have to create the same hustle we were forced to halt.

You don’t have to re-enter to accelerate towards the same intensity you left.

You decide.

Reflect on what discoveries you made over the past 15 months. What you will and won’t add back into the white spaces of your schedule, your family’s calendar.

Was your pre pandemic calendar building connections with those you love, with meaningful work? Did it have margin so you could refuel and build capacity or did it leave you depleted and starved for rest?

We’re likely not going to have this unique reset again in our lifetime.

Go slow. Determine purpose. Set boundaries. So your “yes” is fiercely focused on designing a life of meaning vs settling for a default version made from an accumulation of reactions.

Re-enter with intention versus leaving your calendar [your life] vulnerability to outside pressures.

Don’t recreate your pre-pandemic life. Leverage the lessons to create a calendar that reflects what you value.

…create margin for rest. You’ve been through a pandemic.💛

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