Processing the Difficult Stuff

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There’s a lot to process these days.
Whatever your “this” is right now, consider experimenting with this strategy of processing… as always I love to hear when things make sense as well as when they don’t.
The energy to process with strategies versus sweeping under the rug [avoiding] takes courage and conversations [both internal and with others]. It also conserves valuable energy. Think of processing like sorting through a closet, making intentional decisions on what to keep, give and toss.
Sorting the stuff of the head and heart…
Stuff to Keep:
  • lessons we’re learning
  • new discoveries about ourselves
  • opportunities that have surfaced even in difficult situations
  • growth, both personal and professional, even through disagreements
  • relationships where we can [or are learning how to] have crucial conversations [convos that are at times difficult, awkward, speaking truth in love, calling each other up to be better people, always seeking wellbeing]
Stuff to Give Away:
  • The things that we are not responsible for… allowing others to have the opportunity to own what is theirs
  • relentless grace to others and self
  • forgiveness [remember this does not require us to trust the other person, it’s the giving forgiveness that frees us up]
  • time to hear the whole story
Stuff to Toss:
  • energy we give to things we can’t control
  • stories that might be looping in our heads that are rooted to regret and shame. [more on this at a later time.]
  • assuming the worst in others
  • opinions of those who, well, aren’t in your corner
What are things that you would add to the keep, give, toss piles as we process through head and heart stuff?
Share to create more strategies, motivation and hope as we all process our stuff.
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