reAligning what we Worship

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“God is always moving toward us. As we engage with Him through His word and in prayer, He makes Himself known to us, meets us at our point of need, encourages us, calls us forward, and blesses us.”


“The proper first response to this God who is above us as the Lord God Almighty and with us as our Heavenly Father as worship.”

-Crosswalk 6 Week Devotional


When I think of defining worship my mind goes to the acknowledgment and adoration of something greater [real or perceived] and then that something being elevated. Being elevated to the level of greatest significance.

That leads me to ask myself what am I worshiping? A filtering question for me is often when I ask myself where am I placing my security and significance. Ugh. I’ll say ugh again and leave it there.


Because in full transparency when I ask myself that question, especially when I am in the midst of uncertainty, stress or a middle mess, often what emerges as elevating to the point of greatest significance…is not the One who is worthy to be worshiped above all else. And that my friends leads to nothing I want to sit in for long and certainly is void of the very peace I crave.


The worship is misplaced and in a twisted way the actual thing that I am stressing about or worrying about becomes what I am worshiping.


Ever have that happen?


This requires a realignment and a remembrance of God‘s faithfulness, of His desire to give His children bread not stones, to work all things to His glory and for our good.


“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!” Revelations 5:12


As He is calling us forward to live out the details and detours of each day, let’s encourage one another to #realign in the continual asking of ourselves what and who are we worshiping today?

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