A Reset when Weary

Reset professional development training consulting Austin, MN
We’re weary. The hills may feel steep and the roots tangle at our feet, tripping us up.
Carrying the next generation through uncharted trails we trek forward and yet we are weary.
Caring for the generation before us with uncertainty and persistence, knowing that is a privilege, and yet we are weary.
Our hearts were not designed to carry this weight. Our human minds are limited to hold all the stresses that swirl around us, the stories that reel through our heads, the stories that we scroll through on the screens. Stories that are incomplete and sometimes not completely accurate and so…
…we are left weary.
It’s ok. Sit and breath. Then reset with intention:
What can you control today?
What can’t you control today?
What can you influence today?
Focus your energy on even those seemingly small things that you can control today. Take that limited capacity that you’re feeling and put it into what you can influence today.
We don’t have to portage the trail at anyone else’s pace. Our journeys look different and yet we are not alone in the hike.
Yes we are weary. But He is strong.
Duluth, Minnesota
Chester Bowl

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