Paying it Forward: Social Capital for Others

Social Capital professional development Austin, MN
Recently I was asked what I felt gratitude for. My response was: social capital.
social capital [social capital]
“the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.”
I feel gratitude for the connections, resources, networks, and access points, both personally and professionally, especially during a pandemic. In fact, I feel a disjointed sense of gratitude for the expansion of some of these things because of the pandemic.
Each of us has had someone invest time and energy into our life or our work, because they believed in and held hope for us. We were given opportunities to do the sometimes challenging yet rewarding work of building upon that. So we create opportunities for others to create their own work and the satisfaction that comes from that labor.
[My list of those who have spoken life into me is expansive. Humbled and grateful.]
Social capital impacts a person’s access to opportunities. It impacts what is possible, and at the soul of things it impacts a person’s ability to hope. People around us need more hope these days.
Who are you encouraging, equipping, and empowering with your access, experiences, networks, connections? Who might you offer hope and opportunity to with the capital you’ve been given?
Thoughtfully look around your workplace, your community and even your family. Create connecting conversations that build social capital and breath potential, possibility, and even a pathway not yet realized for another person.
photo: practicing creating a slide deck and presenting to an audience [2 parents, a brother, Gracie the dog and Mimi]

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