Tending to Your Table

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​I have found that for myself, along with many of the clients I coach and consult with overlook the no or low cost strategies when it comes to tending to our tables [aka practicing self-care in relevant ways that build resiliency].  We look for the right program to join or tool to purchase that has some level of initial interest or intrigue for us but doesn’t lead to commitment and sustainable change.

There are a lot of tables you and I sit at [figuratively speaking] and we impact them regardless of how aware or unaware we are.  When we are stressed the impact can be unintentionally more intense.  Acknowledging that tendency creates a self-awareness that is essential to creating collaborative solutions and building relationships.  This is true in our personal and professional lives.

I’m sharing a simple personal reflection tool I use personally and offer my clients to raise awareness and urge us towards practicing intentional self-care, tending to our tables so we can tend to the tables we impact.  Why does it even matter?  Because how we live impacts how we lead.  In other words, how we practice or dismiss basic self-care impacts how we lead in our families, churches, workplaces and communities.

Reflect on your current self-care practices and consider where you may be vulnerable, where there may be an area that needs tending.  As you give attention to these areas of self-care you will no doubt influence how you approach and process stress.  It will also determine your ability to tend to the tables you have the privilege of influencing.

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