The Truth about Connection

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Connection. We were designed to connect. It’s in our DNA as humans. We are connected. If we ever doubted that, we now are observing just how connected we are.

We impact. Whether we are aware of how we impact or that we have impact doesn’t change the truth that as individuals we impact people and systems directly and indirectly.

You impact these two sweet souls. [picture taken January 11, 2020]
One is a retired nurse. She stood in the gap for forty years tending to the needs for those who were having babies, needing access to resources, patients and family members needing reassurance in unknown medical circumstances.

One is the daughter of a nurse. Her mama is currently standing in the gap providing needed mental health care each day. She and her team are filling a gap especially needed now as the world that already has felt overwhelming for many suffering with mental health issues, find the world to be a really chaotic place to function in.

You impact them.

Though I know my Connectedness strength [Clifton Strengths™] is on overdrive right now, it offers me a lens to see how my actions in my little corner of the world impacts others in my family, community, county, state, nation and world. I may not like that truth nor want to acknowledge it. Quite frankly our culture has dismissed this truth because we tend to want to believe our lives are our own, our rights and decisions are our own and though we may WANT that to be truth it is not. We are observing that in a way never before displayed before us.
Your decisions are impacting.

Your personal decisions have connecting consequences: good or bad but rarely neutral – always have and always will when we are on the other side of this, but especially now.

Stay home. Stay connected in ways that don’t put unnecessary burden on law enforcement, health care, human services and community workers. I know this requires sacrifice, sacrifice of what we have believed to be our rights. Remember those who have and are sacrificing for our well being: this retired nurse of forty years who is my mother in law, her granddaughter who is my daughter and her great granddaughter, who is my sweet grand baby. They are counting on you and I to do the next right thing.

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