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Nov 19 2020
Reset professional development training consulting Austin, MN

A Reset when Weary

We’re weary. The hills may feel steep and the roots tangle at our feet, tripping us up. Carrying the next generation through uncharted trails we trek forward and yet we are weary. Caring for the generation before us with uncertainty and persistence, knowing that is a privilege, and yet we...

Oct 17 2020
Professional development speaker trainer Austin, MN

Imagine How We Would Be

Not what we would do... ...what we would be. There’s a big difference. A heart, mind, and soul kind of question versus action. A foundational question because actions start from the inside. How would you be if you were less afraid... More brave to pursue in love even the difficult...

Oct 02 2020
leaving perfection professional development trainer and coach Austin, MN

Leaving Perfection Behind

I don't know if you need this nudge, but I know I sure do almost on a daily basis! Leaving perfection behind means giving myself space to be curious and yes, likely inviting a bit of chaos in how I live, love, and lead. What is stirring in your

Sep 30 2020
Self assessment professional development coach Austin, MN

Self Assessment: Is your impact growing good stuff?

Impact. Can be subtle or obvious. Impact. It can unexpectedly change us, our circumstances, plans, dreams, direction, perspective and perception. Impact. Can be for good or harm. Rarely neutral. Our words, that make up sentences, that create conversations, that build your family, work and community culture impact for good or...

Sep 25 2020
Professional development conversations Austin, MN

The Stories that Influence What Can Be

What’s a story you tell yourself? We tell ourselves multiple stories throughout the day. You know, the stories we tell ourselves when we look in the mirror [if I could change ______, I’d be more happy]. The stories we tell ourselves when someone doesn’t smile and wave or respond immediately...

Sep 23 2020
Professional development conversation assessment Austin, MN

Depleting or Elevating: a conversation assessment

This picture. It shows the man I’ve loved for over 36 yearscreating and inviting conversation with two young boys that we both love fiercely Every conversation we have either offers energy or depletes.   Rarely do our conversations have neutral impact. We will deplete. The question is will we seek...

Jul 27 2020
Professional development training consulting Austin, MN

This is a Trek

This is a trek. Downed trees on the trails we need make the decision to jump over or crawl under. Established roots rearing up on the trail that trip us up if we aren't watching our step. Unexpected bends and landscapes on portages. Potential nocuous plants on each side of...

Jul 27 2020
Sandy Anderson professional development consultant and trainer Austin, MN

Authentic Conversations Name the Fear

Connection. Real connection can only occur when we are willing to risk, willing to create or participate in conversations that allow us to be vulnerable. Just below the words we text, type, speak is an emotion and often in difficult conversations it’s fear. [test this out... when you read or...

Jul 27 2020
Professional development training consulting Austin, MN

Surrender as an Act of Faith

I’m stirring this one around in my mind this week. Asking myself what am I currently afraid to surrender and why even the word surrender stirs discomfort for me. You and I are being faced with decisions and circumstances that we have not had to face previously. Decisions on what...

Apr 20 2020
Professional development organizational consulting Austin, MN

Before. Middle. Otherside.

Before. Middle. Otherside. What we do in the middle matters...regardless if we are facing an unexpected health diagnosis, a conflict in the work team or a worldwide pandemic. The middle matters and offers opportunities often disguised as inconveniences, frustrations, grief or even a crisis. What we do in the middle;...