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Jul 27 2021

Weaving a Life

Thank you for all of the prayers, kind words and support in the past couple of weeks. I wanted to share a sweet glimpse into one of many ways God’s grace showed up for my MIL and us. Sneaking snuggles with our newest grandchild seemed most appropriate on the day...

Jun 05 2021

Mercies Before I Needed Them

These kids had no idea what was around the corner. Enjoying a dinner after a last minute decision to grab an outdoor Matt Kearney concert in Milwaukee only to have our worlds turned upside down 7 months later with my cancer diagnosis. Tonight, 5 plus years later, we have the...

May 22 2021

reConsider what you reCreate

You don’t have to re-create your pre-pandemic calendar. You don’t have to create the same hustle we were forced to halt. You don’t have to re-enter to accelerate towards the same intensity you left. You decide. Reflect on what discoveries you made over the past 15 months. What you will...

May 06 2021

What if Plan C is the Bread?

Could Plan C be the Bread we Need?   What if Plan A gets pushed aside to usher in Plan B?  Only to have Plan C emerge.   Could it be that Plan C may actually be the bread that you’ve been praying for? A recent sermon asked the question...

Apr 01 2021

Don’t Waste Your Transitions

Creating and designing a book in a setting that has given both warmth and chill, calm and wind all in the span of four days is a reminder of the transition of seasons.  It prompts me to think of the power and potential in transitions.  How transitions can be subtle...

Feb 22 2021

Purposeful Chaos | Leaning into the Process

Innovation and learning often come first in the form of chaos. When given time and intention, that chaordic experience can lead to order, emerge direction and inspire a new way of framing uncertainty.  -sandy anderson   Uncertainty and confusion can be uncomfortable and at times darn right scary.  Our initial...

Jan 26 2021

Cancer reFramed

My work often involves creating a framework to break down challenges organizations, teams or individuals are facing.  Emerging hope in the midst of chaos by creating conversations that share out strategies to facilitate the moving forward without diminishing the problem or losing the lessons. Before. MIDDLE. Otherside.  A framework that...

Dec 09 2020

Processing the Difficult Stuff

There’s a lot to process these days. Whatever your “this” is right now, consider experimenting with this strategy of processing... as always I love to hear when things make sense as well as when they don’t. The energy to process with strategies versus sweeping under the rug [avoiding] takes courage...

Dec 03 2020

Paying it Forward: Social Capital for Others

Recently I was asked what I felt gratitude for. My response was: social capital. social capital [social capital] NOUN "the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively." I feel gratitude for the connections, resources, networks, and access points,...

Nov 19 2020

A Reset when Weary

We’re weary. The hills may feel steep and the roots tangle at our feet, tripping us up. Carrying the next generation through uncharted trails we trek forward and yet we are weary. Caring for the generation before us with uncertainty and persistence, knowing that is a privilege, and yet we...