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Clifton Stengths Assessment Austin, MN

Explore how coaching with Sandy can surface your unique strengths and natural talents (using Clifton Strengths™), and can fuel resiliency that energizes and inspires you in your personal and professional life!

How Living Your Strengths Fuels Real Living

  • Gives insight on how your natural strengths influence your responses to people and circumstances
  • Offers discovery on how to use your strengths to enhance relationships and improve communication and understanding
  • Equips you to face life challenges with greater confidence and practical tools, whether it's a health diagnosis, relationship change, or other unexpected difficulties
  • A practical tool to increase confidence in life transitions: what you want the next chapter to look and feel like
  • Gives valuable direction for a new graduate (high school or college)
  • Creates inspiration and focus that can fuel reaching your personal goals
  • Trades exhaustion for energy as you focus on your strengths rather than what your "weakness" are
  • Enables you to set healthy boundaries, know why you are doing it, and how to sustain them
  • Offers insight to how others might view you and how to best communicate what it is you really want to say
  • Celebrates who you are designed to be and how the world around you needs your unique talents
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Benefits of Strengths & Strategies Coaching
in the Workplace


  • Increases effectiveness and emotional intelligence as a leader who engages and inspires others
  • Equips you to make decisions with more confidence and clarity; insight regarding unintended consequences
  • ​Increases energy and engagement for your work and relationships in the workplace
  • Empowers you to leverage your strengths to reach professional goals, whether it's a project, promotion, or exploring a new career
  • Enhances your ability to develop strategies that use your strengths to face challenges in the workplace
  • Provides discovery on how to live life while you do work with more intention and balance


  • Taps into collective strengths to accomplish larger goals with great efficiency and engagement
  • Increases understanding and respect while decreasing conflict, as team members understand one another's strengths and how they can be used collaboratively for the common good
  • Offers insight to team leaders on how best to assign colleagues to tasks that leverage strengths to increase job satisfaction and productivity
  • Builds opportunity for improved communication between colleagues that can lead to increased productivity, engagement, and collective achievement of organization's deadlines and goals


  • Utilizes member's strengths to reinforce the vision and mission at the leadership level, keeping work and focus relevant for employees of the organization
  • Offers director valuable insight into their board and how to best connect strengths to the agency's needs, both organizationally and with staff
  • Inspires boards members to serve with more purpose as they bring their strengths and insights to the table
  • Encourages directors as they observe board members engage with meaning with their strengths - especially true in smaller non-profits

Sandy’s coaching has been an integral part of our on-boarding leadership process. When we truly know ourselves, we feel more equipped to lead a team by leveraging our strengths. Sandy has also done coaching with me and my husband when we realized we were in a different life stage in our marriage. Sandy’s insight really allows you to pause and reflect about yourself and find ways to make every day count. Personally and professionally- I can truly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her wisdom. -executive director, non-profit

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