Workshops & Consults

Workshops & Consults

Leveraging professional workshop and consults that create relevant conversations, you can design with intention your workplace culture and customs to foster resilient teams, relevant work and results that set you apart as a preferred organization. Topics can be adapted to company wide, teams or individual leadership consults. Offered on site, on line and in office. Direct result: talent recruitment, quality team retention and employee engagement strengthened and inspired!

Principles that Tend to the Table

To have authentic conversations that lead to sustainable solutions and connection we need to guide and guard the table. Teams that give attention and ongoing intention to these ten principles can create the safe and brave work cultures. Cultures that offer the environments needed to face challenges and make decisions with greater resiliency, relevancy that lead to results!

Creating a Resilient Table

Sustainable strategies to strengthen your organization's culture

Designing Resilient Tables by Leveraging Team Strengths

Discovering and integrating your team's strengths to fuel a resilient work culture​

Crucial Conversation Consult

Where there is ongoing conflict, frustration, confusion, office politics or signs of disengagement there is a fractured culture and the loss is costly to your people and your brand. Your work culture is your brand. Period. Your brand influences team recruitment, retention of quality team members and workplace engagement. It's all connected and needs brave conversation rather than a one and done workshop.

Fueling Resiliency & Relevancy in the Middle

We face challenges both professionally and personally. Sometimes we can get stuck and settle in to the struggle versus leveraging it to fuel forward. This interactive topic looks at specific tools and strategies to frame, re-frame and then reset so the middle of a challenges offers valuable perspective and progress towards the desired other-side. This is a great topic for organizations, teams and groups as well as individual consults. Make the middle of a challenge matter!

Restoration in Workplace

The what, why and how of restoring teams and trust.

Pivoting Problems to Sustainable Solutions

Re-framing to increase recruitment, retention and team engagement.

Tending to Trust

Discover why trust is core to culture and how to nurture teams that trust.

Building your Brand

Workplace culture by design not default.

Tools that Drive Relevant Work

Move your teams beyond flurry to focused.


Creating space to live with intention and joy

Relevant Living & Working Consult [individual or entrepreneur focused]

Strategies to shift from an exhausted existence to inspired living & working [powerful tool for the entrepreneur]

Tend to the table to surface resilient strategies and solutions that grow,
protect and represent a work culture designed by intentional.