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relevancy consult | organization focus

Capacity is limited. We can't afford to settle for doing more with less because it leads to unfocused work and discouraged teams. This consult facilitates emerging your organizational WHY that anchors all things. It gives clarity and consistency in decision making and offers focus when challenges arise. Clients develop filtering questions that offer additional confidence and equity, allowing organizations to determine with intention where they will place resources and energy. Discovering how to leverage a relevancy-impact assessment tool is a third component of the consults that guide conversations on next-steps and resource stewardship. Clients report increased clarity, focus, engagement, energy, and productivity.

relevancy consult | entrepreneur focus

Design and implement strategies that shift from an exhausted existence to aligning how you live and work to create balance and direction. "It's just me, it doesn't matter." Wrong. Even if you are the only employee, when you ignore designing the culture you want to grow, one will show up and it will influence your client's experience and directly impact profitably. Relevancy in why, how, and what you do is at the root of an organization's culture, even when you are a solopreneur. "Thanks, but I already have a business plan." Not enough. Your business plan is likely for the logistics and necessary for that part of your organization. This deeper work with Sandy is about exploring culture questions that set you apart, developing resiliency to face the challenges and identifying what is relevant so your energy is conserved for what you want to grow. All by design, not default.

Conversations that Transform | Training

One conversation. One exchange of words spoken, written, typed, texted, or posted can change the direction and ultimately the outcomes, whether it’s in the workplace, home, faith community, coffeehouse, or a country. And yet, the skill and practice of conversation is given little attention and less intention in organizations. An environment dependent on conversations, not only to get work done but to recruit, retain, and engage people [team, clients, customers, vendors, partnerships], directly impacts the sustainability of the organization.

Ten Principles that Tend to the Table | Training

To have authentic conversations that lead to sustainable solutions and connection we need to guide and guard the table. Teams that give attention and ongoing intention to these ten principles can create the safe and brave work cultures. Cultures that offer the environments needed to face challenges and make decisions with greater resiliency, relevancy that lead to results!

Fueling Resiliency in the Middle | Training

The challenges seem to be mounting both professionally and personally as our capacity seems to deplete. Sometimes we can get stuck and settle into the struggle versus leveraging it to fuel forward. This interactive training explores specific ways resiliency can be elevated through practical strategies and stories. It offers the space and time to practice ideas for progress not perfection. To fuel resiliency, relevancy and relationships even in the middle of challenges.

Designing a Resilient Table | Training

To design environments that inspire transformative work and teams we need to engage sustainable strategies that grow, protect and represent the desired organization's culture. Do you know what culture you want or are you settling for a default version that is likely costing the organization on multiple levels? Recruitment. Retention. Engagement. Ultimately impacting livability and well-being for your team and clients you serve.

Transforming Conversations | Consult

Where there is ongoing conflict, frustration, confusion, office politics or signs of disengagement there is a fractured culture and the loss is costly to your people and your brand. Your work culture is your brand. Period. Your brand influences team recruitment, retention of quality team members and workplace engagement. It's all connected and needs brave conversation rather than a one and done workshop.

Week 1 & 2 | reALIGNED Stories

Stories we tell ourselves, stories others speak to us or have spoken over us are powerful in designing what our lives, work and relationships look, feel and function like. We are not held captive to those dialogues that loop in our minds. reALIGNED Stories offers the space and strategies to revise and reset stories to create the hope and curiosity of what will be when ashes are transformed to beauty!

Week 3 & 4 | reALIGNED Habits

Habits. They influence our life, work, and relationships. They impact cultures in organizations, families, churches, and businesses - what they look, feel, and function like. They impact our friendships and self-care. Yet we can remain unaware of how our habits are sabotaging or serving. The reALIGNED habits sessions in the coaching cohort are designed to identify habits and integrate action to align the day-to-day habits to what we value. Intentionally creating a life of purpose and possibilities!

Week 5 & 6 | reALIGNED Calendars

To reALIGN your calendar means to reIMAGINE what you want your life to look, feel, and function like both now and in the next life cycle! Weeks five and six offer the space and strategies that allow you to intentionally align your calendar with the life you want to live rather than settling for a default version directed primarily by external influences. We'll integrate the work done in the previous weeks with stories and habits in ways that invite you to walk in the goodness of your Creator and the purposeful design He intended for you to live out!

Crucial Conversations

an opportunity to explore strategies that can transform the experiences for individuals, teams, the organization, and clients/customers, one conversation at a time.

Influencing Organizational Culture One Habit at a Time

ten principles to elevate resiliency, relevancy, and relationship

Resiliency in the Middle

a reframe of challenge that fuels resiliency, relevancy and relationship

reALIGNED Living

interweaving stories, scripture and strategies for women ready to live with greater intention and impact

For The Board

Designing a Resilient Table Package, Relevancy Consult Package

For Executive Directors & Administration

Leadership Coaching: Strengths & Strategies Package

For the Team

The Table Principles Package, Fueling Resiliency in the Middle Package, Leadership Coaching: Strength & Strategies Package, Table Chats