Strength & Strategies Coaching

How we live impacts how we lead.
— Sandy Anderson

​​Leadership Coaching: Strengths & Strategies [in person & virtual]

“Sandy’s coaching has been an integral part of our on-boarding leadership process. When we truly know ourselves, we feel more equipped to lead a team by leveraging our strengths.  Sandy’s insight really allows you to pause and reflect about yourself and find ways to make every day count. Personally and professionally, I can truly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her wisdom.”

This intensive coaching format equips participants to develop deeper self awareness and explore how they can emerge and elevate truly human leadership.  The coaching sessions are anchored in the five components of Appreciative Inquiry, a solution focused pathway that is paired with Clifton Strengths Assessment to design a transformational experience.  Participants will integrate tools and practice strategies developed by Sandy in each coaching conversation that increase confidence and self awareness that elevates how they show up in the work and interact with others.

Whether you’re transitioning to a new position or simply desiring to develop authentic leadership skills, we’ll identify strategies to leverage your natural strengths in the workplace. Possibly there is specific issue that is hindering an individual or a team’s ability to move towards the desired outcome.

Clients find that professional coaching with Sandy through individual or team consults can offer the opportunity to identify their needs, engage strategies to work with increased intention and engagement, and foster overall resiliency and relevancy in work and beyond.

A resilient and engaging work culture doesn’t just happen. It’s rooted in people who are making decisions, fostering habits, and are aware of their impact. Individual or group coaching with Sandy can move you from chance to choice when it comes to how your workplace looks, feels, and functions – key components for recruiting and retaining exceptional talent for your teams.

Sandy’s clients also have access to utilizing the Clifton Strengths™ Assessment with a professional interpretation of their top strengths. It’s through this coaching that clients discover how to leverage those strengths to increase intention and productivity, not only in their professional role, but in doing life on purpose, with purpose!

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Amazing business coaching with Sandy Anderson Consulting! Encouraging, life giving and honest feedback and direction for moving forward. We can't recommend her enough! -Executive Director, Non-Profit

Entrepreneur Coaching [in person & virtual]

Entrepreneurs face unique circumstances.  They vary based on what transition point you are at in the journey:  dreaming, planning specifics or full on walking in the work.  Your needs vary as well.  What doesn’t vary is the need to name what you are moving towards and why does it matter.

This is a sustainability strategy and essential to the entrepreneur who is likely already feeling stress of  focus and capacity.  What if you level up why, how and what you do with tools you already have access to but aren’t yet utilizing to the fullest.  Your super powers.

The Clifton Strengths™ Assessment with professional interpretation with Sandy offers insights that leverage those super powers to change how you do and view your work. It’s through this coaching that clients discover how to leverage those strengths to increase intention, innovation and productivity, in their work and give attention to alignment:  between work and life.

Clients who have explored coaching highly recommend the relevancy consult | entrepreneur focus to design sustainable strategies for your work and wellbeing!


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Life Coaching: Strengths & Strategies [in person & virtual]

“This critical work (with Sandy) was necessary to launch me into the next steps of my goals. This forced me to let go of some barriers that weren’t actually barriers.”

Life is fluid. It brings moments of loss, uncertainty, or feeling stuck – whether it’s moving into new life circumstances like college, moving, marriage, parenting, a new job, divorce, or unexpected health diagnosis. We can be left sometimes wondering why we can’t make a decision, why we can’t say “no,” or why we seem to be just “showing up” rather than living life with greater intent. Situations can leave us feeling anxious, unsure, and discouraged, maybe even paralyzed on what to do next.

Pausing to reflect, catching your breath so you can better identify what you want, why it matters, and discovering strategies to move forward can bring focus, energy, and rediscovered joy to daily living.

Clients have access to utilizing the Clifton Strengths Assessment Tools™ and personalized consult with Sandy to discover their top strengths that can build confidence, clarity, and give practical tools to use when facing challenges or new opportunities in life.


“I don’t say this about many things, but coaching with Sandy has changed my life!!! Before I started my personal coaching sessions with her, I used to lack confidence, I struggled to communicate effectively with my family and friends, and I generally just felt stuck. Throughout our sessions, Sandy has used Clifton Strengths to help me understand how to leverage my top strengths. I have taken action after each session and am seeing immediate results through setting boundaries and communicating clearly. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, I cannot recommend coaching with Sandy highly enough! You won’t regret it!”

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Tend to your table so you can
tend to the tables you influence.
— Sandy Anderson