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Leveraging professional trainings and consults that create relevant conversations, you can design with intention your workplace culture and customs to foster resilient teams, relevant work, and results that set you apart as a preferred organization. Topics can be adapted to company-wide, teams, or individual leadership consults. Offered on-site, online, and in-office.

Direct result…
…talent recruitment quality team retention, and employee engagement strengthened and inspired!

the table principles™ | Trainings & Tools

To have authentic conversations that lead to sustainable solutions and connection we need to guide and guard the table. Teams that give attention and ongoing intention to these ten principles can create the safe and brave work cultures. Cultures that offer the environments needed to face challenges and make decisions with greater resiliency, relevancy that lead to results!

Leading in the Middle

The experience of exhaustion is real and yet the mission needs to be met.  The daily work needs to be done and clients served to keep the doors open. How do we lead people during the middle, the times of challenge, when pressures are mounting, and the mission can feel like an afterthought? How do we have conversations that build capacity versus sabotage the very connections needed for teams to accomplish the work? How do we design workplace environments and organizational cultures that are resilient vs. settling for a default version that often gets stuck in depletion, dysfunction and maybe even some drama?

Resiliency in the Middle | Training

The challenges seem to be mounting both professionally and personally as our capacity seems to deplete. Sometimes we can get stuck and settle into the struggle versus leveraging it to fuel forward. This interactive training explores specific ways resiliency can be elevated through practical strategies and stories. It offers the space and time to practice ideas for progress not perfection. To fuel resiliency, relevancy and relationships even in the middle of challenges.

Designing a Resilient Table | Training

The board and senior leadership determine the design. The environments that inspire transformative work and teams grow out of these leaders. The board members and the senior leaders are the ones that influence the level of engagement by team members as they demonstrate sustainable strategies that grow, protect and represent the mission and ultimately grow the desired organization's culture. Do your board and senior leadership work collectively to design pathways that build resilient workplace environments? Do they know the potential of a resilient culture? What the current culture is and how they may be settling for a default version that is likely costing the organization on multiple levels? Recruitment. Retention. Engagement. This interactive training breaks it down to three components and practical strategies that ultimately impact livability and well-being for your team and clients you serve.

Building a Resilient Brand | Consult

For the entrepreneur ready to design their brand ground up with strategies that shift from an exhausted existence to aligning how you live and work to create balance and direction. Setting the stage for logo, website and marketing with greater sustainability and intention. "It's just me, it doesn't matter." Wrong. Even if you are the only employee, when you ignore designing the culture you want to grow, one will show up and it will influence your client's experience and directly impact profitably. Relevancy in why, how, and what you do is at the root of an organization's culture, even when you are a solopreneur. "Thanks, but I already have a business plan." Not enough. Your business plan is likely for the logistics and necessary for that part of your organization. This deeper work with Sandy is about exploring culture questions that set you apart, developing resiliency to face the challenges and identifying what is relevant so your energy is conserved for what you want to grow. All by design, not default.

Crucial Conversations | Consult

Where there is ongoing conflict, frustration, confusion, office politics or signs of disengagement there is a fractured culture and the loss is costly to your people and your brand. Your work culture is your brand. Period. Your brand influences team recruitment, retention of quality team members and workplace engagement. It's all connected and needs brave conversation rather than a one and done workshop.

“Sandy has worked to prepare staff to understand the community of students they work with, how to best engage professionally, and how to care for themselves in this incredibly difficult line of work. She is a true professional and wonderful collaborative partner in creating a system of understanding and support!”