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A collective impact strategy to transform how nonprofits do the work that transforms the world

Nonprofits are mission-driven organizations. The missions are about impacting and improving livability. The work is essential and exhausting. The organizational health of boards, executive directors, and the teams will determine the level of wellbeing for the organization and ultimately the clients they serve. It’s all connected.

Developing a nonprofit organization that is resilient requires awareness and practical strategies to implement, even when resources feel scarce. The answer is sustainable practices and principles that guide the board, the executive director, and the team in doing what is relevant with greater intention, rather than doing more with less. The impact on the mission accomplished and resiliency of the people behind the mission is powerful.

The work done with Sandy provides a pathway to identify areas of vulnerability and strengths. Those discoveries, along with research-based steps, can minimize the gaps and expand the good. This dynamic invites participants to see their work, their contribution, from a new lens and engage in a transformational way. This reframe results in a collective impact that grows, protects, and represents the mission and elevates wellbeing in tangible ways that increase success with recruitment, retention, and engagement of staff, board members, funders, and potential partners.

Sandy designs the right combination of professional development options based on consulting conversations with each organization. Below are some of the options and combinations for all the organizational influencers.

All services can be catered to your specific nonprofit.

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For The Board

Designing a Resilient Table, Relevancy Consult Package, Strategic Designing

For Executive Directors & Administration

Onboarding Consult, Crucial Conversation Consults, Leadership Coaching: Strengths & Strategies Package

For the Team

The Table Principles, Fueling Resiliency in the Middle, Leadership Coaching: Strength & Strategies, Table Chats

Sandy has worked with hundreds of different organizations, many of them nonprofits. Here's a glimpse of a few of the nonprofits she's worked with!

“Sandy’s coaching [and training] has been an integral part of our on-boarding leadership process. When we truly know ourselves, we feel more equipped to lead a team by leveraging our strengths. Sandy’s insight really allows you to pause and reflect about yourself and find ways to make every day count. Personally and professionally – I can truly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her wisdom.”
-executive director, nonprofit


“This was a timely training for the agency. The past year has really challenged people to manage the stress and rise above. Thank you for your time and expertise. You have a lovely approachable and genuine style to your presentations.”
-administrative leader, mental health nonprofit