Training & Team Development

Resilience is a strategy to develop and nurture, not a program.

Ditch the one and done format professional development.  The check the box but miss the mark strategy can appear tone-deaf, leaving people feeling exhausted and sabotage trust.

Trade it for development that creates conversations and offers practical strategies to grow resilience for individuals and teams in your organization.  Your team will thank you.



We design and develop with you, our client, a unique pathway that boosts the needed strength and stability to face challenges.

We’re committed to mission alignment so your investment results in sustainable changes and strategies that can easily be integrated.

Our list of options is a starting point, not in stone!

Printable description of training, consults, speaking and coaching options here!

Consults & Trainings

Our list of options is a starting point.

Resilience in the Middle

The challenges seem to be mounting both professionally and personally as our capacity seems to deplete. Sometimes we can get stuck and settle into the struggle versus leveraging it to fuel forward. This interactive training explores specific ways resiliency can be elevated through practical strategies and stories. It offers the space and time to practice ideas for progress not perfection. To fuel resiliency, relevancy and relationships even in the middle of challenges.

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Leading in the Middle

For those in leadership positions the current challenges and disruptions can lead to exhaustion, reactive responses and apathy both personally and professionally. Often leaders dismiss and push through the experience, leaving them vulnerable to burnout and leading in ways that sabotage the progress they desire, and the connection needed with their teams to accomplish the work and activate the mission.

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Building Resilience One Conversation at a Time

One conversation. One exchange of words spoken, written, typed, texted, or posted can change the direction and ultimately the outcome. Conversations create culture. And yet, the skill and practice of creating culture building conversations is given little attention and less intention in organizations. Conversations directly impact whether the mission is activated or discarded. Companies can't afford to not give attention to strategies that equip people to have transformational conversations. The very sustainability of the organization is a stake.

Team Mapping with CliftonStrengths®

We are all uniquely talented with strengths that come natural to us. But how does that look in a team setting, how we communicate, make decisions and solve problems?

Strengths® 3.0

So, you took the CliftonStrengths® assessment.  You may or may not have received training but most likely you haven't had the opportunity to surface insights about yourself that change how you approach life. This unique format can activate, reactivate or reveal for the first time how to leverage what’s best in you. Inspiring you to lead and live with greater ease, purpose and less exhaustion and stress.

Leadership Chats | Micro MeetUps

Needed: conversations that get to the point and build common language on leadership skills and experiences. Through one-hour interactive conversations teams are building authentic community in their organizations by connecting over topics and common experiences that build resilience on teams and in the work they do individually and collectively.

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Designing a Resilient Culture

Designing an organizational culture where recruitment, retention and engagement flourish needs stability and clarity.  Clarity on what is expected and accepted.  Clarity on what you want to grow [replicate], let go of [release] or edit [renovate].  To achieve that, we need to become aware of our individual and collective habits that influence the experiences people have and our own experiences.

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Building Resilient Teams

Resilient teams are better equipped to face challenges in ways that allow for necessary innovation, connection and determination to do work that is relevant, links to the mission and engages the strengths of team members in purpose-filled ways.

Professional development training coaching Austin, MN

Group Conversations

Unintended conflict and confusion happens, exhaustion and disconnection can develop especially during transition, change and stressful situations. This group coaching style consult facilitates conversations designed with clients so participants learn and leverage resources, strategies and that offer new discoveries that will determine next steps.

“Sandy has worked to prepare staff to understand the people they work with, how to best engage professionally, and how to care for themselves in this incredibly difficult line of work. She is a true professional and wonderful collaborative partner in creating a system of understanding and support!”