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Resiliency is a strategy not a program.

Leverage professional development training that create conversations leading to relevant change in your organization.  Together we can design your pathway towards a workplace culture that fosters resilient teams, relevant work, and results that set you apart as a preferred organization.

Sandy will design with you the unique pathway that is relevant to your organization.  Creating training and consults that transform how you recruit, onboard, retain, and engage so the return on investment for the company and your team’s livability is elevated!

Current Training, Consults, & Coaching Resources
Professional development Austin, MN

Building a Resilient Organization

The board and senior leadership design the organization's culture. They influence the work environments that either inspire transformative work or discourage the organization's ability to attract and develop resilient leaders that guide teams to bringing the mission to life. This training creates resiliency boosting conversations and strategies that foster workplace cultures, positioned with relevancy, relationship, and the fluidity to reframe the inevitable disruptions and detours faced by every organization.

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Leading in the Middle Training

For those in leadership positions the current challenges and disruptions can lead to exhaustion, reactive responses and apathy both personally and professionally. Often leaders dismiss and push through the experience, leaving them vulnerable to burnout and leading in ways that sabotage the progress they desire, and the connection needed with their teams to accomplish the work and activate the mission.

Professional development training Austin, MN

Resilience in the Middle

The challenges seem to be mounting both professionally and personally as our capacity seems to deplete. Sometimes we can get stuck and settle into the struggle versus leveraging it to fuel forward. This interactive training explores specific ways resiliency can be elevated through practical strategies and stories. It offers the space and time to practice ideas for progress not perfection. To fuel resiliency, relevancy and relationships even in the middle of challenges.

Strategic Processing and Planning

Designing a strategic plan that is sustainable requires utilizing tools and strategies that are relevant to your organization’s unique mission and are rooted in resilience. Sandy creates opportunity to emerge resources unique to your organization and offer guided direction for individuals, teams, boards and organizations to lead well, execute the plan, especially during challenge. This strong foundation in the designing of a strategic plan will inspire those people called to activate the plan.

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Sustainable Strategies that Build Resilient Teams

This interactive and foundational branding work sets the stage for your logo, branding photos and website development.  It literally saves you time and money with those "tangible and traditional" components of branding that most leap headlong into without solid grounding. Leveraging insights from Building a Story Brand, the framework of Appreciative Inquiry and the Clifton Strengths Assessment, we dig into identifying your WHY.  Identifying this and then connecting it to individual and team strengths creates a new level of energy in how you show up at work, home, and for yourself.

Professional development Austin, MN

Transformational Conversations | Interactive Training

One conversation. One exchange of words spoken, written, typed, texted, or posted can change the direction and ultimately the outcome. Conversations create culture. And yet, the skill and practice of creating culture building conversations is given little attention and less intention in organizations. Conversations directly impact whether the mission is activated or discarded. Companies can't afford to not give attention to strategies that equip people to have transformational conversations. The very sustainability of the organization is a stake.

Professional development training and consulting Austin, MN

Resilient Leadership Conversations

We build authentic community in our organizations when we connect over topics and common experiences to build resiliency on our teams and in the work we do. It’s letting go of the one and done mentality professional development and exchanging it for on-going, evergreen conversations that grow resiliency; the practice of reframing challenges with authenticity, identifying relevancy in our work and tending to relationships as do the work.

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the table principles™ | Trainings & Tools

To have authentic conversations that lead to sustainable solutions and connection we need to guide and guard the table. Teams that give attention and ongoing intention to these ten principles can create the safe and brave work cultures. Cultures that offer the environments needed to face challenges and make decisions with greater resiliency, relevancy that lead to results!

Building a Resilient Brand | Strategic Consult

We all need strategies to recruit, onboard, retain and engage team members, clients, funding partners, board members…that don’t burn us out and actually creates hope, energy and focus. This training guides the development of strategies that are unique to each organization and provides a consistent decision-making pathway that helps determine what you say yes to, not to or not now and determine relevancy of processes, policies, programs and positions.

“Sandy has worked to prepare staff to understand the people they work with, how to best engage professionally, and how to care for themselves in this incredibly difficult line of work. She is a true professional and wonderful collaborative partner in creating a system of understanding and support!”