reALIGNED Living Group Coaching

women's group coaching that reimagines and reclaims aligned living through stories, scripture, and strategies

reALIGNED Living. It doesn’t just happen. It takes intention, investment, and implementation. This six-week hybrid group coaching experience welcomes women to explore stories that fuel habits and then identify the impact their habits have on daily living and limiting beliefs. Beliefs that are holding them back from being more brave about what their calendar looks like, and about the possibilities that come with reALIGNED living.

This transformational work includes:
-Six 1.5-hour guided group conversations with four other women [virtual]
-Two 1-hour individual coaching conversions with Sandy [virtual or in person]
-a guided journal to reflect, rediscover and redirect stories, habits and your next brave steps

Week 1 & 2 | reALIGNED Stories

Stories we tell ourselves, stories others speak to us or have spoken over us are powerful in designing what our lives, work and relationships look, feel and function like. We are not held captive to those dialogues that loop in our minds. reALIGNED Stories offers the space and strategies to revise and reset stories to create the hope and curiosity of what will be when ashes are transformed to beauty!

Week 3 & 4 | reALIGNED Habits

Habits. They influence our life, work, and relationships. They impact cultures in organizations, families, churches, and businesses - what they look, feel, and function like. They impact our friendships and self-care. Yet we can remain unaware of how our habits are sabotaging or serving. The reALIGNED habits sessions in the coaching cohort are designed to identify habits and integrate action to align the day-to-day habits to what we value. Intentionally creating a life of purpose and possibilities!

Week 5 & 6 | reALIGNED Calendars

To reALIGN your calendar means to reIMAGINE what you want your life to look, feel, and function like both now and in the next life cycle! Weeks five and six offer the space and strategies that allow you to intentionally align your calendar with the life you want to live rather than settling for a default version directed primarily by external influences. We'll integrate the work done in the previous weeks with stories and habits in ways that invite you to walk in the goodness of your Creator and the purposeful design He intended for you to live out!

interweaving stories, scripture, and strategies for women who are ready to live with greater intention and impact