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Quick strategies. Stories of humor and inevitably some heartache. Weaved with unchanging scriptures that give glimpses into God’s goodness and grace.

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Individual Coaching

“This critical work (with Sandy) was necessary to launch me into the next steps of my goals. This forced me to let go of some barriers that weren’t actually barriers.”

Life is fluid. It brings moments of loss, uncertainty, or feeling stuck – whether it’s moving into new life circumstances like college, moving, marriage, parenting, a new job, divorce, or unexpected health diagnosis. We can be left sometimes wondering why we can’t make a decision, why we can’t say “no,” or why we seem to be just “showing up” rather than living life with greater intent. Situations can leave us feeling anxious, unsure, and discouraged, maybe even paralyzed on what to do next.

A reAligned coaching conversation provides the space to reassess and re-anchor when we feel unbalanced. Sandy’s coaching style integrates faith in ways that authentically welcomes the exploration necessary to be transformed inwardly for our good and God’s glory. Pausing to reAlign, catching your breath so you can better identify what you value, why it matters, and discovering scripturally-rooted strategies to move forward can bring focus, energy, and rediscovered joy to daily living.

“I don’t say this about many things, but coaching with Sandy has changed my life!!! Before I started my personal coaching sessions with her, I used to lack confidence, I struggled to communicate effectively with my family and friends, and I generally just felt stuck. Throughout our sessions, Sandy has used Clifton Strengths to help me understand how to leverage my top strengths. I have taken action after each session and am seeing immediate results through setting boundaries and communicating clearly. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, I cannot recommend coaching with Sandy highly enough! You won’t regret it!”

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Group Coaching

reAligned Coaching cohorts provide a small, intimate gathering of women ready to explore what alignment in their lives could emerge. This six week session format and tools provided to each participant, invites individual exploration and collective discoveries that are guided to assure confidentiality and an endless amount of grace-filled accountability.

Reach out to Sandy to learn when the next cohort starts! This little gathering just might be the reset to your reAligned life!

The Table Principles™ professional development Austin, MN

Week 1 & 2 | reALIGNED Stories

Stories we tell ourselves, stories others speak to us or have spoken over us are powerful in designing what our lives, work and relationships look, feel and function like. We are not held captive to those dialogues that loop in our minds. reALIGNED Stories offers the space and strategies to revise and reset stories to create the hope and curiosity of what will be when ashes are transformed to beauty!

The Table Principles™ professional development Austin, MN

Week 3 & 4 | reALIGNED Habits

Habits. They influence our life, work, and relationships. They impact cultures in organizations, families, churches, and businesses - what they look, feel, and function like. They impact our friendships and self-care. Yet we can remain unaware of how our habits are sabotaging or serving. The reALIGNED habits sessions in the coaching cohort are designed to identify habits and integrate action to align the day-to-day habits to what we value. Intentionally creating a life of purpose and possibilities!


Realigned living doesn’t simply happen. It’s pursued with intention and protected with a fierceness anchored in scriptural truths. Sandy guides and engages women through exploring stories and habits, how they impact our daily lives that result in creating a life. The question is: does the life that emerges reflect what you value? The weaving of stories, scriptures and strategies invites a shift to intentional living that is rooted in purpose.

Sandy’s passion for restoration, her experiences both personal and professional are aligned in the commitment to facilitate conversations that glorify God and transform to the good of those He created. The content and practical tools Sandy has designed are ideal for a women’s retreat setting or offered in a workshop format through a women’s ministry.

reAligned Living

The voices are loud. Around us and within us. Voices that shout we aren't doing enough, aren't enough. Voices that hinder us from aligning to what matters, to what we value. Sandy creates an opportunity for women to identify the barriers that sabotage alignment and often create confusion and exhaustion. Then guides them in exploring strategies that emerge clarity on next steps towards what they value and a soul satisfying alignment to what matters!

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Margins and the Mission

Do more with less. The mantra that is commonplace, typically unchecked and is often a subtle culture norm. And it is sabotaging wellbeing at an alarming rate. There's a different way, a mind shift and strategies that create space to grow innovation, connection, collaboration and resilience: all necessary for sustainability of any organization. Margins matter to your mission. Margins matter to retention and engagement. Explore how margins can transform your teams, elevate wellbeing and activate your mission!

interweaving stories, scripture, and strategies for women who are ready to live with greater intention and impact