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Strengths & Strategies Coaching

Transformational leadership requires both self awareness and practical strategies. These five coaching conversations provide space and next steps for leaders to explore authentic pathways that level up recruitment, retention and engagement. Participants report greater confidence, clarity and energy in their leadership that flows over to those they lead.

Table Principles

This practical tool provides ten key principles that are rooted in habits. Habits and behaviors that fuel a work culture that is resilient, relevant, and values relationship . The ten strategies guide teams and create transformational conversations on how to grow, protect, and represent a culture of good. The impact: strengthened recruitment, retention, and engagement for the organization. A no-cost list of ways to tend to the tables you influence! Check out the interactive training that leverages the principles in ways that produce practical next steps and raises awareness of impact both individually and collectively as a team.

Challenge Reset

Choosing to be a contributor when facing a challenge changes how you show up. This tool can increase focus, calm, and clarity on direction. Process what you cannot control, can control, and can influence to prioritize your next right step.

Crucial Conversations Guide

Create conversations worth having - ones that inspire and challenge us to show up as better versions of ourselves and honestly, sometimes despite ourselves! The prompts offer opportunity to process thoughts that guide authentic conversations, especially difficult ones, by intention rather than default. It allows us to emerge root issues, impact, and action through asking culture questions. You will process through identifying the problem [the external opportunity], what will it look, feel, and function like when resolved or minimized, and then what next right steps could move you towards the desired solution!

Sandy's workshops offered tools that allowed us to examine the various programs we offer and their relevancy and impact.