Event speaker on professional development Austin MN

Less regret. More intention.

Sandy speaks with a sense of ease and professionalism that engages people to explore how resiliency transforms the work they do and how they do it so authentic connection is built with those they work with.

Audiences are invited to explore research-based strategies through transformative stories that offer a nudge towards living in ways that elevate how they lead. Through a balanced dose of humor and humanity, Sandy offers an opportunity to practice authentic connection in how we live, lead, and love!

Very inspiring and uplifting presentation. Exactly what our teams needed to hear during a very challenging time for the organization.  -healthcare supervisor

Speaking Topics


The practice of creating space to design work with intention, elevates how we live and lead. Moving us from depleted to determined!

Resiliency in the Middle

a reframe of challenge that fuels resiliency, relevancy and relationship

reAligned Living

Strategies and stories to elevate wellbeing in how we live and lead! An exploration that emerges the barriers to balance and boundaries then offers practical components that move us towards more margin in our daily living.

What others are saying after Sandy speaks…

This session was the one I needed most.
Very uplifting and inspiring conversation and helped to re-instill hope for pushing through the daily challenges and always rising to the occasion.
Best of the conference.
Great presentation with lots of feels!
Convicting and encouraging personal examples helped re-frame perspective.
Very emotionally resonating presentation. Felt very connected to the content.