Speaking that Transforms
actively explore nurturing resilience from the inside out

Resilient Stories & Strategies

Sandy speaks with a sense of ease and authenticity that invites audiences to explore resilience in ways that transform how we lead, learn, live and yes, how we love.

Soul-filled stories and researched-based strategies rooted in strengths will speak to the experience of exhaustion, burnout and lack of clarity that can plague us during challenges, uncertainty and the unexpected.

Her humanity, transparency and doses of humor create an environment where participants are inspired to experiment with the practical and discover potential when resilience is fostered in the every day.

Very inspiring and uplifting. Exactly what our teams needed to hear during a very challenging time for the organization.  -healthcare supervisor

Here’s a shareable pdf on speaking topics that fuel capacity, connection and clarity!

Speaking Topics

Building Resilience One Conversation at a Time

One conversation. One exchange of words spoken, written, typed, texted, or posted can change the direction and ultimately the outcome. Conversations create culture. And yet, the skill and practice of creating culture-building conversations is given little attention and less intention in most organizations. The hurry and hustle sabotages capacity, connection and clarity may be unintentional, but the fall out is devastating. Explore strategies and stories that inspire creating conversations with the end in mind. Conversations that build resilience in those influence by our words.

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Leading in the Middle

For those in leadership positions challenges and disruptions can lead to exhaustion, reactive responses, cultivated apathy and disconnection. As we pour out and dismiss our own experiences, we burn out. There are strategies and hope that can transform our leadership and those we are called to lead.

Resilience in the Middle

The challenges mount as our capacity seems to deplete. The result is exhaustion, disconnection and settling for a survival mentality that influences how we live and lead. Sandy offers a research-based framework and practical tools to move towards greater alignment and the anchoring we crave especially in the middle of a challenge.

What others are saying after Sandy speaks…

This session was the one I needed most.
Very uplifting and inspiring conversation and helped to re-instill hope for pushing through the daily challenges and always rising to the occasion.
Best of the conference.
Great presentation with lots of feels!
Convicting and encouraging personal examples helped re-frame perspective.
Very emotionally resonating presentation. Felt very connected to the content.