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It was so helpful to be able to put words around the thoughts and feelings in our post Covid world of operating hotels. I also think that your trainings had a solid part to play in shifting my mindset moving forward that allowed me to achieve that stretch goal of acquiring my CHA [certified hospitality administrator], as well as applying for and accepting a promotion to Regional Manager. They were both always goals of, I’ll get there someday, but your trainings helped jumpstart the process, so thank you again! You made them fun, interesting and thought provoking which is exactly what was needed. – Regional Manager, Hospitality Industry
Sandy delivered a concise and comprehensive presentation. So relevant in today’s world.
Sandy was EXCELLENT! This topic and the way she delivered it through her Table Principles metaphor was so impactful! – Small business owner
Thank you for sharing some of the work you do around resiliency and guiding teams through change. So many of your messages hit home to validate or give me new perspectives on how to approach those conversations and best support others through change. – Talent acquisition leader and coach
The keynote session was spot on! 2020-2022 were compressed for many of us. The photos in the slides you showed accurately described how we felt before and after the pandemic. They told a thousand stories. Thank you for presenting – Community college president
In 20+ years of training here at the club, you are my favorite training for all our new staff! – Participant of Fueling Resiliency in the Middle Training
Amazing. Professional, yet approachable – concise but not stiff – informative but not dry. I’m inspired to realign my living!! -participant, reALIGNED Living Women’s Gathering
What was of value? Everything! Honestly, I took a ton of notes so I could review all the pearls of wisdom. -participant, reALIGNED Living Women’s Gathering
This has been hugely beneficial in understanding the ways I show up in all areas of life. The biggest benefit is how you explain how multiple strengths combine to create a certain effect of outcome. -coaching client
The way you have been so quick to identify themes throughout the different areas of my life has made my action steps feel so clear and my progress seem so efficient. -coaching client
I found the “Crucial Conversations” consult very helpful. Having tough conversations is difficult and uncomfortable to have to have. The worksheet was useful in structuring what I want say and recognizing the pros/cons of the conversation for everybody involved. -human service professional
Honestly, the entire training was super useful and I was wishing we had more time to discuss or explore certain concepts. I particularly liked the Ten Principles and elaboration on trust. Super helpful to be able to think more directly about concepts that seem intangible at times. -mental health practitioner
I’m going to incorporate the Challenge Reset worksheet into my sessions with clients. Very useful to break it down in that way and empower clients to understand their options. -mental health therapist
I really felt like things presented were real and we could really put them to practice in our work. -mental health practitioner
CURRENT! This was a timely training for the agency. The past year has really challenged people to manage the stress and rise above. Thank you for your time and expertise. You have a lovely approachable and genuine style to your presentations. -administrative leader, mental health
Sandy, you have a passion behind your work that empowers, encourages, and engages individuals to become better versions of themselves. I will use the tools provided by you to grow in my role at work, home and personally. -mental health professional
This was, by far, one of the best trainings I’ve been to in my 17 year social work career. We hope to utilize you in the future! -MSW social worker
Sandy has helped me on many levels personally and professionally! From a retreat with my staff to helping with the re-branding of The Golden Tress. One of my strengths is reaching out for help, and she has connected me with some amazing people. I am moving forward with intention now. -business owner
I don’t say this about many things, but coaching with Sandy has changed my life!!! Before I started my personal coaching sessions with her, I used to lack confidence, I struggled to communicate effectively with my family and friends, and I generally just felt stuck. Throughout our sessions, Sandy has used Clifton strengths to help me understand how to leverage my top strengths. I have taken action after each session and am seeing immediate results through setting boundaries and communicating clearly. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, I cannot recommend coaching with Sandy highly enough! You won’t regret it! -entrepreneur & business owner
Sandy’s coaching has been an integral part of our on-boarding leadership process at the PRC. When we truly know ourselves, we feel more equipped to lead a team by leveraging our strengths. Sandy has also done coaching with me and my husband when we realized we were in a different life stage in our marriage. Sandy’s insight really allows you to pause and reflect about yourself and find ways to make every day count. Personally and professionally- I can truly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her wisdom. -executive director, non-profit
I have worked with Sandy both professionally and personally and have walked away from each encounter with a deeper understanding in my work, clearer direction for the future and an inner sense of calm. Her Tending The Table workshop helped move my team forward in our work together, and her energy and positivity give me a strong model for the kind of leader I strive to be. -executive director, non-profit
“Sandy has been a wonderful asset to our community and to the school building that I serve. She has worked to prepare staff to understand the community of students they work with, how to best engage professionally, and how to care for themselves in this incredibly difficult line of work. She is a true professional and wonderful collaborative partner in creating a system of understanding and support!” -school principal
Equipped with some new information and tools, we’ve been shown another perspective. -educator
Incredible guidance and grace. -coaching client
Her energy and level of engagement is beyond compare. She is a genuine human being and a joy to work with. -executive director, health & human services
Sandy really motivated me to try and rethink HOW and WHY I need to revive a consortium that I feel is slowly deteriorating. -executive director, non-profit
She values and considers all the different options…she makes everyone around the table feel valued and validated. -board member, non-profit
I can tell you that she is an absolute joy to work with. Not only is she very capable and earnest in her endeavors, but she really has the unique ability to speak to a group of people and connect regardless of background or education. -executive director, wellness organization
I’m impressed with her ability to analyze a situation or issue and develop a strategy to move forward. -board member, non profit
This critical work (with Sandy) was necessary to launch me into the next steps of my goals. This forced me to let go of some barriers that weren’t actually barriers. Thank you so much. -entrepreneur & small business owner
Sandy is an effective communicator with anyone she comes in contact with. She inspires and believes it is possible for us to improve our mental and physical health not by telling people what to do but by lighting their own desires to feel better and organizing a way to create positive change for all. -RN, health and human services
I really like Sandy’s approach with this process. She’s real. I’ve endured too many ‘conflict resolution’ sessions where nothing actually gets resolved because the real underlying (tough) issues are never intentionally discovered and discussed. So thanks for your great work! -board member, non-profit
Sandy has been a pleasure to work with and is a strong, effective leader. She invests 100% of her energy and focus on the issues at hand and is able to think creatively about solutions. She is an excellent listener and always makes sure that every voice at the table feels welcome and is heard.
She purveys a positive attitude, full of enthusiasm, working with much thought and keeping the mission and values of the organization in mind at all times.
Sandy helped me in discovering how to frame my thoughts.
Information Sandy provided has helped set a direction for starting an honest conversation.
Sandy helped focus on what is relevant about my work and helped me to set a vision for my life.
Getting time with an experienced professional to explore what you are good at & doing well is medicine for the mind body & spirit! Like a long awaited paid vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit!
Extremely helpful!
I was able to learn a lot about myself and my husband and really recognize why we each do things a certain way. I was also able to see how my strengths really fit well together and how I can use them all.
Sandy was prepared for our consultation, and was thorough throughout our consult; by offering specific and applicable examples and connections that were relevant to the results of the assessment.
I love my top 5 and being able to use them to empower myself and others!
Self-acceptance; understanding of what and why I do what I do. Learning to work with others and their strengths. We are all unique and that is what a great team needs to do things.
It was really useful to learn about how I can use my skills to my advantage. It also helped me to recognize that not everyone thinks the same way that I do.
Taking a step back and evaluating programs and working to improve their relevancy and impact will greatly improve things I do at work and in my personal life.
The information Sandy provided has helped set a direction for starting an honest conversation on where our energy is headed as a group.
Practical tools that allow us to examine the various programs we offer and their relevancy and impact.
Made me think about the direction of our organizations, how to more effectively use our energy/resources, and how to evaluate projects.
The training made me look at what we are providing at our organization and the need to use impact modeling more.
Sandy’s respectful listening and then insightful comments inspires me to see a complicated situation differently, and for sure, more clearly.

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