reALIGNED Living Women’s Gathering

About this Workshop

This  interactive gathering will nudge you to…

…identify what you really value.

…what you want more of in 2021 and beyond.

…emerge your unique vision and intention for your life.

…be more confident in what you say yes, no and later to.

…identify what is tripping you up from meeting your goals.

…have less regret when your planner turns to December 2021!

We will explore how to reDIRECT your energy and resources [which have limits] and leverage them towards desired outcomes you’ve identified.

You will experience an interactive micro-reSET to forge a bit of a pathway for emerging your vision, designing an intention from your vision that you can then build your 2021 goals upon.  Prior to the workshop participants will receive key questions to explore that provide a foundation to build upon during the gathering and beyond.

Here is your opportunity to design an intention that guides decisions in 2021, so regardless of the external situations you face your life is ALIGNED and filled with purpose!

Thursday, January 14, 2021  6:30-8:30pm 2021 reALIGNED gathering is ONLINE.  Link for gathering to be emailed prior to event with intention tools to start your reIMAGINING!

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