Week 5 & 6 | reALIGNED Calendars

Weeks 5 & 6

Weeks five and six will focus on how the stories and habits have impacted your day to day living, decisions, and how you view the future.  We integrate what you’ve emerged with stories and habits and direct energy and resources in ways to align your new discoveries with scriptural truths to design your next steps.

These two sessions will nudge you to…

…identify what you really value.

…identify what you want more of on your calendar.

…emerge your unique vision and intention for your life.

…be more confident in what you say yes, no, and later to.

…have less regret when your planner turns to the next year!

This work involves designing a life intention that guides decisions regardless of the external situations you face, assuring your life is ALIGNED to the One who is the Author of your story and desires you to live it out under His grace, goodness, and for His glory!


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