Building a Resilient Brand | Strategic Consult

a stand alone consult or pair with [sustainable strategies to build resilient teams] training

We all need strategies to recruit, onboard, retain and engage team members, clients, funding partners, board members…that don’t burn us out and actually creates hope, energy and focus.

Your team needs to fiercely focus on what is relevant, do what’s relevant, decide what is relevant to create a sustainable brand and build resiliency in your team’s  physical, mental and emotional capacity.


This work creates a grounding to build your next strategic plan from to increase the success of implementation the plan in ways that impact how people live.


Sandy guides the creation of your own relevancy tools that elevate your brand, messaging and people.  Discover your WHY, filtering questions, and an assessment tool that will fuel resiliency to face choices and challenges with greater confidence, equity, consistency, clarity, and direction.

Here’s the outcomes of your BUILDING A RESILIENT BRAND consult.  Clarity and confidence on:

  • your ideal client[s]
  • identifying the WHY and how to leverage your mission and values to build your business authentically
  • developing tools to make key decisions in consistent ways
  • assessing current and potential programs, products, processes, policies etc.
  • a one liner that creates curiosity for potential clients
  • the problem you are solving
  • how working with you/the product answers the problem
  • top strength and how to leverage them in the work and activating the mission
  • your communication and marketing message
  • the pathway for current and potential clients to connect to you


  • Two 2.0-hour or 4-hour stand alone consult


Delivery Options

Virtual or in person.

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