Building Resilience One Conversation at a Time

Professional development Austin, MN

an interactive opportunity to explore and practice strategies that inspire transformational connection one conversation at a time.

Conversations create cultures, determining how it looks, feels and functions:  the day-to-day experience of employees, customers and/or clients served.  How we communicate often reflects what we’ve learned from our homes of origin, a friend group, coworkers, or others who have had influence in our lives.  The learning and habits formed from the observations and exchanges can build or break the organization’s work culture, resulting in growth or gaps.  The stakes are high – especially in points of disagreement where there is intensity of opinion or high emotion. This training explores what influences how we show up in conversations and invites participants to practice in real time with strategies that build skill and self-awareness in how they engage in conversations.

The table principles™ is a tool that prompts restorative practices and conversations that stabilize and strengthen teams.  Participants are immersed in a strength-focus that can grow sustainable solutions even in the midst of change or challenge, one conversation at a time.


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