Building a Resilient Organization Training

Professional development Austin, MN

Stories and strategies to emerge the collective impact necessary to build a resilient organization.

Whether it’s a nonprofit board, a department in an organization, or team in a business: resiliency is necessary for authentic engagement that creates long standing success and sustainability.  It starts with the board and senior leadership.  This interactive training creates space to:

  • make connection between resiliency and return on investment
  • determine why leading with both a transactional AND transformational mindset matters
  • explore three components to building resiliency
  • identify how resiliency impacts the development of a sustainable strategic plan

Take the step to invest in people, your most valuable asset, to create a resilient organization by doing core work that emerges practical strategies, fueling truly human leadership and impacting how your people lead in your organization and live in their communities.


Delivery Options

In person and online consulting available.

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