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The onboarding experience directly impacts the new team member’s retention and engagement. It is a strategy that saves money and directly influences people and productivity. By creating a consistent and relevant pathway, an organization will set itself apart from others in a competitive market. Clients design, with Sandy’s facilitation, a unique onboarding pathway with intentional strategies and steps that increase confidence, clarity, and connection. The result is success in how they lead and elevate the organization’s mission.



Conflict and confusion happen. Trust takes a hit. It’s what we do or don’t do next that determines the trajectory of trust, engagement and retention.

The next step matters. Is it a culture-crushing response or simply avoidance? Either way the outcome can be devastating for a team, costly both financially and in productivity and ultimately, an organization’s ability to compete in an unpredictable marketplace.

Sandy creates a space to have crucial conversations that acknowledge, identify with clarity the challenges, then guide the participants in determining the next steps. This unique consult offers opportunity for honest dialogue that diminishes the problem not people and elevates and integrates components of trust.

Clients report facilitated conversations as effective, practical and powerful in identification of root issues and implementation of strategies to move forward with clarity and confidence.



Five 1-hour coaching conversations that leverage Clifton Strengths™ Assessment and research based strategies to fuel leaders. Each session connects the participant’s specific strengths to practical tools that will build confidence, clarity, and the truly human leaders that organizations need.

Note: An additional coaching conversation with Sandy, the coaching client, and their direct supervisor to share about discoveries during the five coaching conversations is optional.

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