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influencing organizational culture one habit at a time

Designing an organizational culture where recruitment, retention and engagement flourish
needs a clear pathway to elevating resiliency, relevancy and relationship. To achieve that, we
need to guide and guard the tables we sit at and influence.

Our individual and collective habits, beliefs and behaviors impact the organizational culture
and work environments. They directly influence the experience of team members,
customers and the organization’s sustainability.

These no-cost principles have inspired hundreds to discover strategies both individually and
collectively that increase innovation, connection and confidence even when facing
challenges. These ten principles offer opportunity to identify habits, beliefs and behaviors
that create vulnerabilities and resiliency whether it is an organization, team, board or even a
family system. That awareness invites implementing strategies that minimize the gaps and
leverage the gains.

Clients report the table principles™ offer a practical guide that welcomes culture-shifting
conversations and self-awareness of the impact participants have on the tables they
influence. Opportunity to identify habits and next steps give real time experimenting and

▪ two 2-hour sessions or one 4-hour session



The challenges seem to be mounting both professionally and personally as our capacity can feel depleted. Sometimes we can get stuck and settle into the struggle versus leveraging it to fuel forward. This interactive workshop looks at specific tools and strategies to frame, re-frame and then reset so the middle of a challenge offers valuable perspective and progress towards the desired other-side. Move from the exhausting strategy of “do more with less” to discovering and focusing on what’s relevant for your business. What we do in the middle matters!

This workshop creates the crucial conversations needed that strengthen organizations, teams, groups and individuals when facing challenges professionally and personally.

  • one-hour | keynote-closing speaker format
  • two-hour | interactive facilitation of topic allowing participant response
  • two 2-hour sessions or one 4-hour session | deep exploration of topic leading out discoveries, prompts to practice individually and collectively



Six 1-hour coaching conversations that leverage Clifton Strengths™ Assessment and research-based strategies to fuel leaders. Each session connects the participant’s specific strengths to practical tools that will build confidence, clarity and the truly human leaders organizations need.
Connecting to the Organizational Mission: The sixth coaching conversation with Sandy includes the coaching client and their direct supervisor to share out discoveries during the five coaching conversations. This provided insights on how to better understand and engage the team member to fuel the mission and contribute to the work in meaningful ways.


ten transformational conversations based on the table principles™

The one-and-done trainings don’t result in sustainable changes and shifts to the behaviors that are at the core of every organization’s culture — the habits require ongoing attention and intention. This unique service can offer the layering and learning that leads to sustained transformation!

Ten virtual conversations that:
▪ explore one principle each session
▪ invite participants to consider a prompting question on why the principle matters
▪ challenge a practice to experiment with individually and potentially as a team

▪ schedule conversations weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
▪ time options available to best meet the client’s needs and desired outcomes

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In-person or virtual

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