Margins and the Mission

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The mindset of doing more with less has left us exhausted.  It has created habits that aren’t sustainable for the wellbeing of our individual team members and the organization.  It’s literally harming our health, how we lead and spilling over to those we lead.
Margins offer strategic space.  To pause, better positioned to see opportunity and engage the innovative thinking that transforms a challenge to potential.  It’s a strategy that involves discoveries on our habits, behaviors, expectations and re-evaluating if they are truly moving us towards what we want more of, the desired outcomes or simply leaving us depleted and disengaged.
Sandy explores:
  • why margins matter
  • what margins look, feel and function like
  • specific steps to creating margin and maintaining those boundaries
  • the power of integrating margins into daily living

When you and I shift from doing more with less, to doing less with more intention, we create focused energy, psychological safety and greater meaning in our work and home lives.

The practical strategies Sandy’s shares boost resilience and make margin for discovering opportunities that may be lost in the busy!







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