Leading in the Middle

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Speaking Description

Often leaders dismiss and push through challenges, leaving them vulnerable to burnout and leading in ways that sabotage the progress they desire, and the connection needed with their teams to accomplish the work and activate the mission.

A rock and a hard place.  The space many leaders find themselves in.  Not a space that inspires innovative solutions and often leads us to a “check the box” strategy that leaves us “missing the mark.”  This space is where resilience is essential and changes the trajectory for you the leader and those entrusted to you.

Sandy speaks to the experience AND guides audiences forward to identify what they want to move towards.  She invites surfacing barriers AND strategies to experiment with that fuel sustainable progress and momentum.

Leading ourselves well in the middle of challenge happens when we are transformed from the inside out.  The investment in ourselves builds trust, connection and purpose for those we lead!  ROI gold!

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