About this Workshop

mar·gin [verb] An extra amount allowed for use if needed.

Ready to move beyond chronic fatigue, a calendar that feels unfocused, cluttered, or even chaotic?

Have you desired to invest with more intention in a specific relationship, personal well-being that has been set aside, financial stability, processing or preparing for a transition you want or are needing to make?

Margins work can inspire you to engage in life and work through strategies and reflection rather than reacting to what places the greatest demand on you.

This highly engaging and interactive workshop is designed to integrate research-based strategies that fuels participants to:

  • explore potential: begin to identify what you want and need space for in your life and/or work
  • emerge vision: re-imagine what life could look, feel and function like with margins and identify barriers that are hindering progress
  • engage strategies:  discover practical steps to create and sustain margins

Delivery Options

In person and online consulting available.

How to Register

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