Week 1 & 2 | reALIGNED Stories

The Table Principles™ professional development Austin, MN

Week 1 & 2

Week one and two explore the stories we tell ourselves, stories others speak to us or have spoken over us, and the story of who God says we are.  This foundational forging is powerful in designing what our lives, work, and relationships look, feel, and function like.

You will be given the necessary space to:

-identify the stories that are looping in our minds

-discover how those stories are influencing our lives

-determine what storylines we are ready to revise

-explore a pathway to leveraging even the difficult stories for good

This soul-work is rooted in Isaiah 61 – the reminder of how beauty can rise from ashes and how our stories don’t define us; they are influencers.  This portion of the coaching cohort creates a safe place to step into the necessary grit to revise stories with the all sufficient-grace offered by Christ.  Women will pioneer through collective conversations and individual reflection during this deeper work.  This is the stuff that will transform how we show up in life and inspire hope and courage in what our next chapters can be, and will set us up to dig into the habits that have been formed based on stories.

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