Relevant Living & Working Consult [individual or entrepreneur focused]

About this Workshop

At work or at home, it takes more than just changing the conversation from do more with less to do what’s relevant, it requires exploring what matters to us and how to make decisions, so our lives reflect what we believe is relevant.  This interactive work digs into identifying at the core what you are seeking to impact and contribute; your WHY.  Identifying this and then connecting it to your personal or professional calendar creates a new level of engagement and energy in how you show up at work, home and for yourself.

Sandy guides the creation of your own strategic and unique relevancy assessment tool that will enhance the ability to face choices and challenges with greater confidence, consistency, clarity, and direction.  This tool, a relevancy filter, offers us a strategy to make key decisions on where and how we spend our time, energy and passions in a way that aligns with what we want more of in our work and life.

Participants are highly encouraged to complete the Clifton Strength™ Assessment prior to workshop or individual consult to integrate the top five themes into the designing of your Relevancy Filter.

Looking for designing a Relevancy Filter for your company, board or team let’s chat to explore the next steps that will increase retention, engagement and productivity!

Delivery Options

In person and online consulting available.

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