Resiliency as a Strategic Practice

Preparation for designing a strategic plan that transforms.

Resiliency offers the ability to face challenges in a way that invites the necessary discovery, direction and determination for individuals, teams, and organizations to lead well during challenge.  This strong foundation guides the designing of strategic plans that inspire those called to activate the plan.

This interactive training in rooted in a framework of three components that build and restore resiliency. Each component focus: reframing, relevancy, and relationship, include exploring why the component matters, guided group interaction and tools that offer opportunity for experimentation.


Identify & Explore:

  • Why resiliency matters to building a team and development of a department culture that is committed to both transactional [goals achieved] and transformational [connecting the work to a calling].
  • Common experiences that lead to burnout, lack of clarity and disconnection and resilient fueling strategies to create renewed hope, clarity, and authentic connection during challenges.
  • Current/potential opportunities and vulnerabilities that the department is experiencing to determine where to invest resources moving forward in a strategic manner.
  • A framework of three components to build and maintain resiliency as a strategy to grow people and programming.
  • What the department desires to collectively move towards, expand, grow, and release to emerge a vision that anchors the strategic planning conversations.



  • one-hour [keynote-closing speaker format]
  • 1-hour lunch and learn [multiple organizations]
  • 4-hour session for the individual organizations to explore integration into their teams and strategic plan development
  • virtual or in person

Delivery Options

In person and online consulting available.

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