Sustainable Strategies that Build Resilient Teams

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recruit, onboard and retain with greater ease and less exhaustion

This work explores strategies that fuel resiliency and build capacity in how organizations invite, acclimate, and engage team members, board members and clients/customers.  The practical strategies can be leveraged for current and potential team member recruitment, onboarding and retention.

Research shows how we lead in the areas of recruitment and onboarding have a direct impact on if people stay.  It sets the stage for whether board or team members invest their best in the organization and commit to the mission.

Recruitment, onboarding pathways, retention and engagement are all impacted by the organizational culture and work environments, both driven by norms spoken and unspoken.

During this training participants explore specific strategies that can be leveraged to strengthen how they approach:

  • recruiting [inviting]
  • onboarding [welcoming and weaving]
  • retaining [belonging]
  • engagement [connecting and contributing]

Participants have the opportunity to assess and align next steps that engage teams to move strategies into implementation in ways that are authentic to their organization.

Delivery Options

In person and online consulting available.

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