Building Resilient Teams

Professional development coaching training Austin, MN

explore and pracitce ten habits that create work environments and experiences rooted in resilience

Resilient teams are better equipped to face challenges in ways that allow for necessary innovation, connection and determination to do work that is relevant, links to the mission and engages the strengths of team members in purpose-filled ways.

This interactive training is rooted in a framework of three components that build and restore resilience. Each component focus: reframing [mindset], relevancy [purpose], and relationship [people], include exploring why the component matters, guided group interaction and tools that offer opportunity for experimentation.

This foundational exploration creates renewed energy, fierce focus and invites a collective impact mindset.  The training emerges resilience boosting strategies and workflows that transform how we connect, how decisions are made; with equity and a consistent process that welcomes innovative problem solving necessary during disruptions, uncertainty and inevitable challenges organizations experience.

The outcome?  Resilient people engaging collaboratively to create a positive work experience that transforms each other, so that they can better design resilience boosting experiences for themselves, each other and those they serve.

Delivery Options

In person and virtual available.

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