Strategic Processing and Planning Consult

Preparation for designing a strategic plan that transforms.

Designing a strategic plan that is sustainable requires utilizing tools and strategies that are relevant to your organization’s unique mission and are rooted in resilience. Resilience offers the ability to face challenges in a way that invites the necessary discovery, direction and determination for individuals, teams, boards and organizations to lead well, execute the plan, especially during challenge. This strong foundation guides the designing of strategic plans that inspire those people called to activate the plan.

This interactive consult leverages a research-based framework of three components that build
resilience to design the plan from. Each component focus: reframing, relevancy, and relationship,
include exploring why the component matters to activating the mission, offers guided group
interaction and tools that create energy and direction in creating the plan.

Whether you are developing a strategic plan with a leadership team or board, it takes energy and
focus. Capacity is low, commitments high and so to design strategic plans that are sustainable,
practical and impactful require attention to the people who are planning AND the plan itself. Sandy can facilitate the journey in ways that are authentic to your organization and the people who are impacted by the success of your plan.


Flow of Consult

▪ What does a team/board look, feel and function like when it is both transactional [goals achieved] and transformational [connecting the work to a calling]?
▪ Why does resilience matter to build sustainability in the board, areas schools, community partners, recipients and funding partners?
▪ What happens when we leverage the mission and how do we integrate the mission into every decision the board makes?

▪ What is the desired team/board culture and how do we grow it with intention?
▪ What are the greatest needs/challenges/opportunities?
▪ What are the desired outcomes to move towards? What might need to be released?
▪ What could be when outcomes are realized?

▪ Designing a relevancy filter™; consistent questions to guide the team/board
▪ Utilizing reverse engineering in strategic plan development
▪ Introducing a realigning practice to guide and protect the strategic plan when unexpected challenges and opportunities surface during the plans timeline [example: 3 or 5 years timeframe]


▪ 4-hour Retreat | team/ board development and strategic plan designing
▪ Includes a follow up consult | to assure desired progress forward and offer support/strategies for
discoveries made as strategic plan has been activated [time determined with client]
▪ Ongoing strategic consults | one hour consults as desired to support progress of the strategic plan and the people engaged in making it happen.

Delivery Options

In person and online consulting available.

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