Relevancy Filter: a strategy to inspire relevant work [organization & team focus]

About this Workshop

It takes more than just changing the conversation from do more with less to do what’s relevant, it requires exploring why it even matters and how to determine what is relevant.  This interactive work digs into identifying at the core what your organization is seeking to impact and contribute…your WHY.  Identifying this and then connecting it to your team’s work creates engaged and inspired people who collectively fuel your mission.

Sandy guides the creation of a strategic and unique relevancy-impact assessment tool that will enhance the ability to face the adaptive challenges with greater confidence, consistency, clarity, and direction.  This tool, collectively designed, offers the development of a filter to make key decisions on programs, policies, processes, and more with equality and consistency, minimizing confusion and politics in your organization.

Want to explore creating a Relevancy Filter that keeps you aligned with what you value in your personal life?  Let’s connect to design a consistency check point that elevates how you live and love!

Delivery Options

In person and online consulting available.

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