Strengths®, Strategies, and Soul

Professional Development Training Austin, MN

About this Workshop

So, you took the CliftonStrengths® assessment.  You may or may not have received training, or perhaps it’s been years since you’ve taken the assessment.   This unique format can activate, reactivate or reveal for the first time how to leverage what’s best in you. Inspiring you to lead and live with greater ease, purpose and less exhaustion and stress.

Strengths, Strategies and Soul training is a deeper dig into how your top influencing strengths show up in challenges, conflict, change, collaboration, and difficult conversations.  We explore how they influence for good and the impact when they are over functioning.  Participants explore possible root causes for a strength over functioning and engage a strategy to move back towards balance.

NOTE:  This training will integrate the research on Adverse Childhood Experiences [ACEs] to raise awareness of potential impact in the workforce.  We explore how participants top influencing strengths can be engaged to nurture resilience in those they lead that address issues at the soul level.

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