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About this Training

Designing an organizational culture where recruitment, retention and engagement flourish needs a clear pathway to elevating resiliency, relevancy and relationship.  A pathway to inspire authentic conversations that lead to sustainable solutions and connection. 

Our individual and collective habits and behaviors impact the organizational culture and work environments.  They directly influence the experience of team members, customers and the organization’s sustainability. 

These no cost principles have inspired hundreds to discover strategies both individually and collectively that increased innovation, connection and confidence even when facing challenges.  These ten principles offer opportunity to identify habits and behaviors that create vulnerabilities and resiliency whether it is an organization, team, board or even a family system.  That awareness invites implementing strategies that minimize the gaps and leverage the gains.

Clients report the table principles offer a practical guide that welcomes culture-shifting conversations and self-awareness of the impact participants have on the tables they influence.   Opportunity to identify habits and next steps give real time experimenting and discovery. 

Delivery Options

  • In-Person or Online
  • Two 2-hour sessions or one 4-hour session

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