the table principles

Table Principles™ Professional Development Austin, MN


You might be wondering how these ten principles etched on paper transform conversations?

Transform how you lead?
Transform how you team connects?
Transform your client’s experience?
Transform how your organization looks, feels and functions?

That’s ok. They aren’t magical, nor are they a flavor of the month training hype.
They are organizational culture conversation boosters.
Conversations that matter.
Conversations about behaviors and habits.
Conversations that have potential to transform…
…if practiced
every day
every shift
every meeting
every communication pathway.

Table Principles Professional Development Conversation Starters Austin, MN
The Table Principles™ professional development tools Austin, MN

Strategies to Leverage the Principles

  • Team Building: create conversations that build resiliency and connection.
  • Set the Tone: start a meeting with quick shares on where a principle is being observed and elevated.
  • Interviewing:  opportunities for candidates to give examples of how they practice a principle.
  • Assessment: quick collective or individual assessment how are we/am I growing, protecting, and representing the principle.
  • Ongoing Training: rotate a principle focus each month to keep employees engaged in culture building conversations.
  • Identify Opportunities: departments/teams identify principle[s] that need attention as a group and specific strategies to strengthen principle.
  • Self Reflection: employees self-Identify a principle and determine actionable into employee goals.
  • Employee Reviews: identify principles displayed and principles needing attention – all in context of impact on the team, organization, and client experience.
  • Employee Recognition: celebrating team members who reflect principles in daily practice.
  • Discover Potential: discuss the potential positive impact if principle is elevated and practiced consistently.
  • Onboarding: offer culture elevating expectations and practices that make it happen.
  • Employee Gift: a tangible reminder of the good that keeps on giving.
  • Represent Good: post in spaces to prompt, remind and inspire good you want to grow, protect and represent.

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Together, we can transform the tables one conversation at a time!

The cards are a tangible strategy that prompt us to practice a principle over and over again because behaviors are transformed by repetition.

Each pack has ten conversation cards and three resource cards to set the table for your next meeting, review, training that inspire continuation of curious conversations and capacity building.

One and done trainings leave people we lead exhausted, ultimately disengaged and discouraged.

Leverage the cards to create generative starts to a meeting, to design the difficult conversations, as a gentle reminder on your desk, break room or conference room of behaviors and habits that inspire the good we are craving in how, where and who we do our work with.

Be brave and create conversations from the cards then…
share with us how you are leveraging the principles to design cultures and environments that transform!


The Table Principles™ professional development conversation card tools Austin, MN
Tend to your tables so you can
transform the tables you influence.
— Sandy Anderson